Unbiased User Research is your friend when you are serious about Growth. I help businesses build the right products for the right people in the right marketplace.


Build what users want AND know where to find the users who want what you're building.

A business can't succeed without users. But new products or features can annoy people when these don't instantly do what users expect. I can help minimise this risk by reaching out to your users early on, and taking a look at your competition in an objective way. It can be difficult to analyse your own competition without wanting to copy them.

With research I can help you streamline your development and marketing efforts.

This is what I do. I listen to your questions and get you answers, fast! Not only is it important to test that a product works, it's equally important to validate the market landscape, and consumer demand with real users. How else can we scientifically know that users want what we're building?


We can't build everything; We can build one thing. I can help you make sure it's the right thing.

I can help you find out what users are most drawn to in your product, which questions they have, where they're looking & why they're looking.

User personas don't just look pretty on the wall. They keep your users in mind and your product on track. Rather than guess what to prioritise or do next, let me do the research for you. User Personas will give you insight into their behaviours and goals - super handy the next time there are multiple opinions circulating.


I'll provide you with videos showing you how users use your product, in context of their daily lives. I can organise and conduct usability testing at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional agencies.

What Clients Say about my Work?

Screen Time

Research, pricing & growth

"Ange combined imagination and creativity with good commercial sense. She played a big part in changes to our pricing model which resulted in a marked increase in profitability. She single handedly put in place a customer survey which helped solidify a clear understanding of what parents find most essential about Screen Time. She was also a driving force in getting the Screen Time app onto the Apple App Store. I'd highly recommend Ange to any team wanting to get a handle on their marketing and usability."

Steve Vangasse, Founder, Screen Time Labs



"Ange played a vital role in shaping our product direction during the early stages of MoneyHub’s development.

She helped develop our personas and identified a core need that had a broad appeal across multiple conflicting personas which is still at the heart of our product strategy today. It was a delight to work with her, and I would be delighted to work with her again in the future.".

Toby Hughes, Founder, MoneyHub