Know thy customer Hit the right spot

Unbiased User Research is your friend when you are serious about Growth.

I help businesses build the right products for the right people in the right marketplace.

Product & Market Research

Build what users want and know where to find the users who want what your building.

This is what I do. I listen to your questions and get you answers, fast!

Not only is it important to test that a product works, it's equally important to validate the market landscape, and consumer demand with real users.

User Research

We can't build everything; we can build one thing. I can help you make sure it's the right thing.

I can help you find out what users are most drawn to in your product, which questions they have, where they're looking & why they're looking.

Usability Testing

I'll provide you with videos showing you how users use your product, in context of their daily lives.

I can organise and conduct usability testing at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional agencies.


"Ange combined imagination and creativity with good commercial sense. She played a big part in changes to our pricing model which resulted in a marked increase in profitability. She single handedly put in place a customer survey which helped solidify a clear understanding of what parents find most essential about Screen Time. She was also a driving force in getting the Screen Time app onto the Apple App Store. I'd highly recommend Ange to any team wanting to get a handle on their marketing and usability."

Steve Vangasse

Founder, Screen Time Labs

"Ange played a vital role in shaping our product direction during the early stages of MoneyHub’s development.

She helped develop our personas and identified a core need that had a broad appeal across multiple conflicting personas which is still at the heart of our product strategy today. It was a delight to work with her, and I would be delighted to work with her again in the future.".

Toby Hughes

Founder, MoneyHub