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ChatGPT was released a few days ago. It is probably the most significant technology innovation in recent times.

While AI / Neural Networks / Machine Learning has been continuing to advance over the years, ChatGPT is a step change in the capabilities of "AI".

Other applications of AI were focussed on solving problems and pattern recognition, things like:

  • Beating humans at games (e.g. Go)
  • Diagnosing diseases based on imagery
  • Protein folding

Recently there has also been an explosion in "generative AI"

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that focuses on generating new content, such as images, text, or audio, based on a given input or set of parameters. This can be achieved using machine learning techniques such as deep learning, which involves training a model on a large dataset and allowing it to generate new content by making predictions based on the patterns it has learned. Generative AI has many potential applications, such as creating personalized content for users, generating realistic images or videos, and improving machine translation systems.

One example of generative AI is a machine learning model that has been trained to generate images of objects or scenes based on a set of input parameters. For instance, the model might be trained on a large dataset of images of animals, and given a set of parameters such as "four legs" and "striped fur," it could generate a new image of a zebra. Another example is a generative model that has been trained on a dataset of text, and can generate new sentences or paragraphs based on a given input. For example, given the input "The sun was shining and the birds were singing," the model might generate the sentence "It was a beautiful day outside."

Dall.E and Stable Diffusion are 2 examples of image generation tools. However ChatGPT is an amazing text content generator. The above 2 paragraphs were written entirely by ChatGPT from these prompts:

ChatGPT prompts - what is generative AI - Ange Tonge

ChatGPT doesn't always get things write but it is scarily good.

For the first time I've found myself interacting with technology that feels like magic.

The applications of this are limitless!

Article by Ange Tonge - user researcher, product owner and music producer.

Ange Tonge

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